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This governs the privacy terms of our website, located at thewordmedia.org

We at the Word Media will never sell anyone’s data because we see it as an infringement of your personal liberties. We believe strongly about your rights and disagree hugely with many mainstream internet services that actively collect customer data to sell. We will never do that, it is simply against everything we believe.

We count visitors to our website with regards to any IP address used – just as all other websites do. but we do not collect personal details unless you subscribe to any services willingly.

Details we collect:

  • We may use information, such as the IP address you are using or the email address submitted with a comment, for any purpose not limited to, for example, preventing multiple voting in online polls or to help detect or deter faked comments or offensive comment makers.
  • Cookies. This site will place cookies on the device from which you are accessing the internet. This site uses cookies in order to collect anonymous usage data (e.g. for Google Analytics) and to service any requests that you make (e.g. to remember your details when you post a comment).

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at  admin@thewordmedia.co.uk